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Caring and professional seniors help service. We offer dedicated support for older adults. Reach out for assistance.
Home Care and Companion, is there when you need us.
Home  Care  scheduling  options:
  • Accompaniment  To Medical Appointments.
  • Companionship and Support.
  • Providing  medication  reminders.
  • Bathing and Dressing Assistance.
  • Meals Preparation.
  • Skilled Nursing Care.
  • Outside walking

To help maintain a safe and comfortable home, homemaking services can assist you with routine household activities including:

  • Light housecleaning
  • doing laundry
  • shopping
  • banking
  • paying bills
  • planning menus
  • preparing menus
  • caring for children
Many times, after an injury, an illness or returning home from a hospitalization, many people are forced to make decisions about how they will continue to live with the challenges of completing activities of daily living such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, daily errands and personal care.
Historically, the elderly has had two choices: either move into a nursing home with their children/family/friends Either alternative means leaving the place that is most familiar and comfortable for them, their home.
Today, we have  better options. Home Care and Companion offers a cost-effective alternative that allows our clients to remain independent in their own homes longer and avoid the emotional, physical and monetary costs associated with it.

Your health and happiness is our top priority, which is why Your companion care will be compassionately designated to provide You with a comfortable and inspiring environment while You stay in Your own home .

For many people companionship, can spark they motivation to participate  in everyday activities.

It’s our mission to let You lead Your life normally while having the confidence that You can still do and accomplish everything You want  to with and experience senior companion every step of the way

Homecare Seniors In Canada

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What are the increases for seniors in 2023?

As we saw above, Canada has several public pension programs in place to meet the needs of seniors. But as times change, these sums, which are usually fixed, are rather insufficient to meet all their needs. As a result, the government makes room for increments where necessary. Below, we consider some projections for 2023:

How much will CPP increase in 2023?

CPP is expected to increase by 6.5% based on the indexation rate as of January 2023. Indexation refers to certain adjustments to cover inflation and heightened costs of living.

How much will Canada’s Old Age pension increase in 2023?

OAS payments are adjusted four times a year, at every quarter, to match inflation rates. That is, in January, April, July, and December. To calculate these adjustments, the government relies on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

From November 2022 to now, the CPI has risen almost 7%, and the OAS payments are expected to toe this line. However, the exact amount of the increase for OAS will not be finalized until July.

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How much will GIS increase in 2023?

The first thing to note about GIS increments is that it is reliant on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Generally, monthly payments do not go down when the cost of living goes down, but they go up when the indices do.

Presently, we only have figures from April, to  June 2023 to work with. A single, widowed, or divorced person will get a maximum of $1,032.10 per month. To be eligible, you must earn less than $20,952 per year. The GIS payment only went up a bit since the previous quarter. Unfortunately, this indicates Canadian seniors can’t expect a significant increase in their GIS payment for 2023.

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Will seniors get a raise in 2023 in Canada?

Back to the big question: will seniors get a raise in 2023 in Canada? Here’s what we know. CPP is expected to make an estimated 6.5% increase in payments, based on available figures. Then, the OAS payments are expected to slightly increase in the coming quarter, given that the inflation rate has so far jumped by 0.7%. Finally, GIS beneficiaries will likely earn around the same figures in 2023, as official data does not suggest any increments at the moment.